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Successful Investment Connected with Maruhan Billion Corporation

Successful bringing investment from Japanese Maruhan Corporation in to the best 5 star JW Marriot Hanoi Hotel


Corporation Information and History Summarize

MARUHAN Corporation

Kyoto Head Office

231 Seiryu-cho Demachi Imadegawa Agaru
Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0822

Tokyo Head Office

Pacific Century Place Marunouchi 28th Floor
Marunouchi1-11-1 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6228


May 1957


December 1972

Directors and Auditors

Chang-Woo HAN, Chairman and CEO



10 billion yen


1,550,934 million yen (for the fiscal year ended March 2018)

Ordinary Income

33,445 million yen (for the fiscal year ended March 2018)

Number of Stores

Pachinko parlors: 321 (as of March 2018) 
Bowling alleys/Leisure facilities/Others: 7 (as of March 2018)

Number of Employees

11,986 (as of March 2018)

Operation and management of a variety of entertainment facilities such as pachinko parlors, bowling alleys, golf driving ranges, amusement facilities, cinemas, and other leisure-related businesses.



Pachinko / Slot

Japan's Favorite Pastime: Pachinko

Originating in Japan, pachinko is a type of mechanical ball game resembling pinball. While pinball uses a larger ball, Pachinko uses small steel balls rented to players by pachinko parlors such as MARUHAN.


The pachinko industry in Japan is, however, highly fragmented, with over 3,400 different operators. Parlors have various kinds of pachinko machines, letting customers select a machine according to their preferences or the day’s mood. There are a large number of small operators and a smaller number of large operators, of which MARUHAN is the largest.

Leisure & Amusement

We also operate a wide range of entertainment facilities such as bowling alleys, game arcades, and theaters. Regardless of the facilities, we always aim to provide the best possible service for our customers to enjoy and appreciate. In doing so, MARUHAN, as an integrated entertainment service provider, would like to provide places that function as a community center where local people can get together and have a fun time together.

Real Estate, Building Management & Cleaning Services

Delighting people, creating a life of warmth

MARUHAN Group engages in a wide range of business activities, from facility operation and real estate to building maintenance, such as hotel cleaning and facility upkeep. We will fuse our new strengths of leasing management and construction management with the building maintenance expertise we have cultivated over the years to contribute to town development as a “company that creates value through space".