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2 days 1 night


               2.644.000VND/PER PERSON -  RESORT 4 STAR



  • Pick up at Phu Quoc and transfer to Nam Dao. The tourist can follow the below schedule

Pearl Farm  To learn more about pearl production process. Tourists  can purchase the pearls that are produced at the farm.

  • Phu Quoc- The Coconut Tree prison:  To know about a golden page in Vietnam history though a national historical heritage .
  • Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Manufacturer:   To be aware of the traditional method to keep and make a famous fish sauce in the world. Tourist can purchase fish sauce directly from the manufacturer .
  • Nam Dao Fishing Boat  To bring tourists back to nature with fresh wind as well as service of coral diving or ocean exploration. Lunch will be prepared with local food and all seafood that tourists can support from their fishing .
  • Bai Sao Tourist can enjoy perfect beach with white, powdery sand, blue clear water. Bai Sao, one of ideal beach in Vietnam, is probably  a heaven for holidays.


  • Sightseeing in Dinh Cau  This place is considered to be the symbol of culture and religion thanks to harmony of blue sea, white sand and sunlight and wind. Together with them, that most part of the beach is covered with a lot of stones in many strange shapes turns Dinh Cau to become a supernatural with the residents.
  • Back to hotel and have a rest


  • Have dinner in Duong Dong Town
  • Freely enjoy shopping at Duong Dong Night Market for local product.



  • Have breakfast  at hotel or restaurant  in Duong Dong town.  Enjoy the beach freely

Afternoon  Check-out , have lunch and continue to discover the island

  • Visit Pepper Field  To find out how the farmer here can offer the market such a special kind of pepper with traditional farming. (Tourist can purchase pepper directly)
  • Have a stop a Sim wine manufacturer Sim Wine together with the way to make it is one of precious property of Phu Quoc. Only this island can give birth to the kind of tree that reaches standards of this special wine.
  • Hiking along Phu Quoc’s Tranh Stream The stream origins from Ham Ninh Range. Tourist can mix into nature here. Discovering old-grown forest, climbing mountains as well as swimming in fresh water promise to bring tourists to high level of relaxing. To those who prefer peace, this stream, with algae covered stone to lean on, music from water, or picture painted by variety of tree and flower, easily give a indescribable feeling and safety and peace .
  • Ham Ninh, old fishing village This village promises to please tourist with their sleeping beauty and diversity in many kinds of sea food.  Fresh seafood, dry seafood and souvenir as well can be easily found out here.
  • Tranfer to Phu Quoc Airport ,back to HCM
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