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What we do and who we are and want to be?

With experienced team of advisors who have worked over 20 years in different business fields. With esteem team, we connect previous generation to current team and build up our successful works and beautiful life for bright future with"  CAN DO ATTITUDE AND FOCUSED PROJECTS MAKE SUCCESS" 

Our Slogan is Talent-Focus -Everyone, we invite best talent people,focus specific projects for each country and our company for everyone. Everyone is a owner of the company with their contribution .

24Group Investment 's Vision and Mission:

Our vision is clear

Our path is wide open

Watches run every day

Not much time for hesitation

There is no time for half goals and pending solutions

Development is an ongoing process and the race for excellence has no final destination ..

Our Life Blood Mission is to connect Vietnamese billionaires and World's billionaires together to support Vietnamese enterprises and Worldwide partners for investment bilaterally.  

Our key services and products :

  • Premier Project Investment- Marketing -Sales & Luxury selected products Distribution
    Trusted and Authorized Sales Agent presents for Extell New York,Largest Real Estate Developers in New York
  • MacFarlane Barney,Largest Property Developers and Investors in Fort Myers, Florida 
    Abroad Investment and Abroad new Business setting up
    Vietnam's First Center of Creative Minds & Startup project investment for Future World
    High Technology and APP Investment
    Worldwide airports advertising in 35 countries -LED advertising
    Global Wifi Rental Services in 200 countries

Contact for specific proposal and quotation: